Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obama Adds A Clause To The Constitution

Mickey Kaus was wondering under what authority Obama was operating when he was gutting Bill Clinton's 1996 welfare reform (take that, cracker!), but figures it out mid-sentence:

Rector and Bradley of Heritage (among the first to attack Obama’s action) make the case that the law’s work requirements were specifically designed to not be waivable, and that Obama is using HHS’s authority to waive state reporting requirements as a tricky way of voiding the underlying substantive requirements that are to be reported about. The Heritage argument–that what HHS did was illegal–seems powerful, but I haven’t read the other side’s brief. Perhaps Obama is invoking the long-lost “we can’t wait” clause to enact a change that would never pass a democratically elected Congress–in this case not because Congress is “gridlocked” and and “dysfunctional” and “partisan” but because relaxing work requirements has never been popular with voters, even during less partisan and gridlocked times, even in the swingin’ 60s...

When you don't believe in Obama's change, he rams it down your throat.

But I may come to like the "we can't wait" clause.  Certainly, when Republicans take power in 2013, the clause can be used to eliminate Obamacare ("we can't wait to remove this drag on the economy!"), begin wide-scale oil and gas exploration ("we can't wait to create thousands of jobs that are literally sitting underground!"), and even criminalize abortion by executive order ("we can't wait to stop the murder of unborn taxpayers!").

And Mitt Romney can do all this...on his first day in office.  Thanks to Obama's "we can't wait" clause.

And I am sure the media will be just as willing to go along with this affront to American constitutional democracy under a Republican administration as they have been under a Democratic administration.  Because the media wouldn't want to be seen as a collection of inbred, biased, hypocritical hacks, would they?


I'm looking forward to life under the "Obama clause" in 2013.  And I am sure my liberal friends will celebrate this continuation of their hero's political philosophy under a Republican regime as well...


Kitty C said...

You are a very clever writer. I appreciate your humor in the exposure of hypocrisy. I want that talent too. I can't wait.

The JerseyNut said...

Awww....thanks Kitty!