Monday, July 30, 2012

Maureen Dowd - Bigot? Oh, You Betcha....

How else can we take this phrase from her Sunday "column" on Mitt Romney?

Even though the Mormon doesn’t drink coffee, he has measured out his life in coffee spoons, limiting access to reporters, giving interviews mostly to Fox News, hiding personal data, resisting putting out concrete policy proposals, refusing to release tax returns, trimming his conscience to match the moment, avoiding spontaneity...

Doesn't bother you?  How about a piece about a Jewish candidate in which we could read "Even though the Jew doesn't eat bacon, he's brought it home...."

Or how about an op-ed on the current occupant of the White House which contained, "Even though this Negro doesn't go to church..."

Don't worry, I can hear you plain as day  - Stop it!  Stop it!  That is just so offensive! You're horrible!

It's OK that you feel that way.  I just would like to assume that you take the same umbrage at Miss Dowd's revolting choice of words as well.

Because it seems as if the entirety of American liberalism feels that it is OK to refer to the man who may be the future president of the United States in this manner.  And I cannot for the life of me understand it, unless there is some kind of a tremendous, unprecedented double-standard at work here....

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