Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Does The Media Blame Every Mass Murder On The Tea Party?

Watch ABC's Brian Ross blame The Dark Knight Massacre in Colorado on the Tea Party here.   Watch him retract here.  Douche.

Shades of the Tuscon massacre all over again, when it was first Sarah Palin, then the Tea Party, then Republicans in general that were responsible for the actions of a murderous madman.

Getting back to the question I pose in the title of this post - why does the media always pick the same scapegoat?

Well, they already know that blaming guns is a no-go.  Even our leftist president won't go there any longer.

Who else could be blamed, if one were looking at these murders as symptoms of an underlying cause rather than unconnected, individual actions?

Why, you could blame...Hollywood.  And the entertainment industry as a whole, for churning out so much violence, bloodshed, and mayhem, all cheapening the value of life, while offering precious little positive, life-affirming fare.

What an easy target (pardon the pun). Especially in an election year.  Uh-oh...

So that blame must be deflected, and in a hurry.  At the very least, it puts the heat on another party who must now defend themselves, while Big Liberal Hollywood hides out, wiping the sweat off its brow and cooling their heels nervously, until it is safe to come back out.

So who you gonna scapegoat?  Who else, but a group that is hated by Hollywood, and who is guaranteed to be attacked at the slightest provocation by a mainstream media who loathes them with an equal intensity?

The Tea Party.  Or Republicans.  Or conservatives in general.

Tuscon wasn't the end.  On the contrary, it worked.  So expect to see it repeated every time there is a tragedy of this sort in America.

Don't be surprised if the Left tries to pin this one directly on Mitt Romney.  The bad guy in The Dark Knight Rises is coincidentally named...Bane.

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