Monday, August 06, 2012

Ted Cruz Has Got Some Good Advice For Mitt Romney...

...on attracting the Hispanic vote.  Cruz explains why this vote should be naturally more Republican:

I think the Hispanic community, the values that resonate in our community, are fundamentally conservative. They are faith, family, patriotism… I think what Gov. Romney needs to do and I think what he is doing is defending those values and making the case that the Obama agenda has been incredibly destructive to the Hispanic community.

Just because the media has made Hispanics into a single-issue constituencey - their "desire" for amnesty for illegal immigrants - is no reason for Romney to do the same.  If anything, it is rationale for him to do the opposite.  I've written about this in the past:

Obama and his cadres, whose primary interaction with Hispanics is with lobbyists for ethnic identity groups, fails to see the concern within the Hispanic communities over illegal immigration.

I work with many Hispanics, we talk about it all the time. Illegals flock to their communities as to blend in; parents fear for their children as the two-bedroom apartment next door becomes host to a dozen illegals or more - are they hard workers or career criminals? Nobody knows, and with a president advocating a "don't ask, don't tell" policy towards illegals, it is the American Hispanic population that is becoming scared, victimized, and terrorized, while being politically patronized...

Hispanic Americans want what every American wants - the opportunity to get a good job, rise up in the world, and be able to walk the streets safely at night.  Obama's policies towards the Hispanic community has deprived them of all three.  Time to make sure that they know that.

And to point out that the only two active Hispanic governors today are Republicans (Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Susana Martinez of New Mexico, America's first "Latina" to hold the office).  And once Cruz takes his seat in the Senate, as he assuredly will, Republicans will boast a 2-1 advantage in Hispanic Senators (maybe 2-0, if the despicable Bob Menendez [D-La Raza] gets the boot in New Jersey).

Groups like the Republican Jewish Coalition are making sure the message about Obama's anti-Israel policies are getting out there to the community, past the mainstream media filter.  Romney will have to pole-vault over the MSM as well to get the news to Hispanics that Obama is screwing them.  And if he needs help to do so, he'd better go get it.  Could be a game-changer...

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