Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MSM Declares: GOP Women Are...Hot?

The GOP is H-O-T!....

That's coming from MSN, no less.  I guess they don't read the New York Times much, as the Old Grey Whore explains that Republicans candidates are now chosen strictly on looks, in order to hide their dirty laundry:

Ms. Long’s ascension suggests a continuing interest among conservatives in cultivating candidates whose youth, or fitness levels, or musical tastes, or in the instance of Ms. Long, urbane femininity, might blunt the impact of unpalatable social ideologies.

Well, it's nice to see some members of the MSM get past their innate hatred of all things Republican and at least admit something we've all known for some time:  Conservatives chicks are hot!

Here's a few that they ogle:

Kristi Noem, South Dakota Congresswoman

Kelley Ayotte - senator from New Hampshire

Martha Roby  - Alabama Congresswoman

Nikki Haley - Governor of South Carolina

Sarah Palin, of course....

Compare and contrast our beauties with liberal heartthrobs:

And let's not forget Debbie!

No wonder these guys are so worked up about getting government-provided birth control.  Do we really need these...things to be spawning?

R.S. McCain has more here...

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