Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mitt Romney: Jewish Rock Star?

Via Jen Rubin, we get this story out of Lakewood, New Jersey:

A funny thing happened on the way to a Mitt Romney fundraiser. Romney, who will spend the evening fundraising in the Garden State, was greeted at the first finance reception by members of a Jewish wedding party who were so excited to see him, some attempted to scale a fence to catch a glimpse of the presumptive GOP candidate.

Several guests of the wedding, dressed for the occasion, darted across the parking lot at the first sight of Romney’s motorcade.

Waved off by Secret Service agents, one of the onlookers responded, “We just want to see Romney,” while other snapped whatever photos they could get. As Romney’s motorcade snaked around the venue to a back entrance, the bride, herself, was spotted posing for wedding photos.

Romney, who is expected to raise $1.5 million at a series of fundraisers tonight, met with the bride and groom privately, an aide confirmed, and posed for a photo with the couple. 

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Lakewood -  a "town" of almost 100,000 people -  is a strange place, known for three things: A huge Orthodox Jewish community (almost half of that population), a huge Hispanic community, and for being the home of the Phillies Class A affiliate, the Lakewood Blue Claws.

One thing you can count on is those Jews going to the voting booth on November 6th this year.  And maybe the best that can be said is that those 20-30,000 Jewish votes will cancel out the votes of 20-30,000 liberal jerkoffs in Northern New Jersey.  Which makes things a lot more interesting, as there is a Senate seat up here as well. And as I doubt Reuters or the Washington Post is doing much polling in Lakewood, this state may prove to be a tougher "get" for Obama, and all Democrats, than we have currently been led to believe.  Especially if a once-devoted Obama voting bloc is chasing around the Republican nominee like he is Justin Beiber.

Not that the Democrats seem to care much about the Jewish vote, despite the "charm offensive" being put forth by his surrogates.  What can be more of a slap in the face to American Jews than giving one of the nation's most high-profile anti-Semites a key speaking role at the Democratic convention?  The Diplomad sums up #39 thusly:

Jimmy Carter should not have been president. He was incompetent beyond belief; angry about America's success in the world; wanted us to get our comeuppance; and was and is a mean, reptilian and graceless little man. Being out of office has made him even angrier, meaner, smaller, more anti-American, and more anti-semitic. He was and remains a repellent creature; if anyone ever could make me ashamed of my country, he could. I can't forgive him for that.

I am not sure how quickly the Jews will forgive Barack Obama, either.  Especially as he honors the most anti-semetic president in American history at his second coronation...

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