Thursday, August 02, 2012

Barack Obama Wants Your Beer Money!

We've all known someone like this - the guy who comes out drinking with the boys and doesn't bring any money with him, yet is always ready to claim a fresh, frosty brew when someone else is buying a round....

Or even worse: How often have we seen a beggar - after asking pitifully for spare change - head down to the liquor store to cash in his charity for a quick bottle of Thunderbird?

We've seen enough of each to recognize the type on sight.  And the "man" (in scare quotes, because no one who actually possessed the male XY chromosomes would make such a request) who tweeted this is a combination of both of these despicable archetypes:

No thanks, pal, I'd rather quaff the brew than give the cash to you.  And let my friend carry his own freakin' weight for a change.

Or, if I may quote a certain plutocrat:

Hmmm. . . eternal happiness for one dollar...? I'd rather keep the dollar!

(Hat tip: White House Dossier)

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