Wednesday, August 01, 2012

USA's Aly Raisman Gets A (Small) Measure Of Revenge...

The IOC has made it clear that they believe Jewish blood is cheap, as they steadfastly refused to hold a moment of silence to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Munich Massacre (and way to go, Barack Obama, for making a fuss about it!  Wait...what?  He didn't offer more than platitudes? Shocked, I am!).

But the Jews will not be held down. And God loves irony (and Chick-fil-A, apparently).  And so the 2012 Olympics gives us a nice Jewish gymnast from Massachusetts (sigh) by the name of Aly Raisman, representing Team USA, doing her floor routine to the Jewish folk song "Hava Nagila".

And winning a Gold in the process.  Click here to see her in the prelims:

Funny to see the London crowd, laced with more than a few anti-semites (and that's me being polite - given what Great Britain has morphed into, it is likely that the crowd was predominately anti-semites) clapping their hands and pounding their feet to the rhythmic strains of this ancient song of the Israelites.

In every generation, the haters rise up to extinguish us.  And while they always draw our blood, they wind up drowning in their own.

Hot Air:

Watching a strong, beautiful Jewish woman finish her last tumbling pass, triumphant, as the whole stadium clapped along to a Hebrew folk song of celebration was a great moment— a moving, joyous contrast to Munich and an example of the kind of cultural tribute that’s unstoppable in free people, no matter what the IOC says.

Sometimes, God makes his point not through preachers or sinners, but via 18 year-old gymnasts.  Which is only part of what makes him so great...

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