Friday, August 31, 2012

David Chalain's Apologists....

We refer, of course, to the disgraced Yahoo News Washington bureau chief, who was caught on video sneering that Mitt and Ann Romney "were happy to have a party when black people are drowning" .  Fired immediately by Yahoo suits (who apparently weren't paying attention to years of insanely biased news coverage), one would think the media would be somewhat chastened at having been caught red-handed so deep in the liberal cookie jar.

But it seems as if our MSM overlords are incapable of even basic self-reflection.  The reaction seemed to be that Chalain was given a bum deal for saying what all right-minded people think.  The first and ugliest reaction came from Gwen Ifill, the famed McCain/Obama debate "moderator" that was practically drooling over the Democrat.

No doubt she does, as they have identical mindsets.  They see their positions simply as an opportunity to use "their" media to push the liberal agenda.  Facts and events are for cub reporters, and the naive.  The Elite knows better.


New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney wrote that Chalian was “a first-rate journalist, terrific person and classy guy” who “said something awful.”

Nagourney is the former chief political correspondent for the New York Times (now LA bureau chief), who is more than happy to reprint Democratic talking points under his byline. Good example from 24 hours ago, when he claims that Paul Ryan's convention speech would hurt Mitt Romney. How'd that work out, champ?

You know, many people feel the same way about Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, who is being asked to terminate his career over one unfortunate remark.  Where was the media's deep well of  mercy then?

Meanwhile, Politico throws a hissy fit:

Yahoo News, apparently eager to stem controversy as fast as possible, seemed willing to sacrifice Chalian without even granting temporary suspension for a review of his remarks — despite the fact that Chalian is a widely respected veteran of the industry, serving as ABC News political director from 2007 to 2010, then as political director at PBS Newshour before joining Yahoo last year.

...In unsolicited emails to POLITICO, television news executives and political reporters described him as “serious” and “professional,” the remark as “uncharacteristic” and “surprising.”

The circle tightens, as each animal feels more endangered, with their weak spot revealed.  The nature of Chalian's apologists does not speak well of their profession, and implicates Chalain even further by their association.

Politco seems to insinuate that the conservative mob took Chalian's head, and that a courtly suspension with quiet reinstatement would have been the proper course.

No harm, no foul. Just business as usual. With bias as usual.

Politco, along with Chalain's erstwhile supporters, seem to be desperately trying to hold onto the old way of doing business, under the old paradigm, with the old crew.

It's almost sad to watch.


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