Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well, Of Course The "Rabbis For Obama" Hate Israel...

...why else would they support the most anti-Israel (and anti-Semetic) president ever?

So Obama found 600 credentialed Jewish schmucks to sign on to his re-election effort. Like that's a shock; most "mainstream" (secular) Jews feel greater affinity for the Democratic party than the Jewish state, and to the word of Obama over the Word of God.

And naturally, Obama missed this layup, as word got out that some of his most rabid rabbinical supporters were less-than-kosher:

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb is a member of the advisory board and rabbinical council of Jewish Voices for Peace, a nice-sounding title for a far-left radical group that opposes Israeli self-defense, supports the boycott of Israel (and by this, they mean all of Israel, not just the settlements) and promotes an idea of peace in which Arab refugees may swamp Israel consistent with its indifference to the survival of it as a Jewish state.

Gottlieb...previously earned the opprobrium of the Jewish community by speaking at a 2007 dinner in New York Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Anti-Defamation League lists Jewish Voices for Peace as one of the “top ten anti-Israel groups” in the nation.

And so there was much indignation, and a demand that Barack distance himself from this so-called "rabbi".  But with a little bit more digging, we see Lynn Gottlieb is not the only worm in Obama's hand-picked Jewish apple.  Turns out that...she is, in fact, only one of eight members of JVP’s rabbinic council to appear on the list of Rabbis for Obama.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb and her fellow rabbis from JVP?  And yes, a disproportionate amount of the JVP's board are female... 

So a total of 2% of the "Rabbis for Obama" turn out to be part of a hate group.  2% that we know of so far.  If Romney, in an attempt to emulate the divisive tribalism of the Obama campaign, put together a "Blacks for Mitt" campaign, and it was found out that at least 8 of them were self-hating Klansman, can bet the media would be having a field day.

Although underneath the sound of crickets, I thought I heard a deep sigh heaved from within a stack of unread newspapers...

Or maybe, as we posit, this simply is a "dog bites man" story.  Even the media has got to be aware that a Jew voting for Barack Obama is like the chicken voting for Colonel Sanders, and that any group of useful idiots like "Rabbis for Obama" would be filled with...idiots.  Like Lynn Gottlieb and her cohorts at JVP.

Still, it's valuable to know exactly what kind of Jews - and, more importantly, rabbis - are supporting the re-election campaign of Barack Hussein Obama:  Israel deniers, self-haters, and left-wing whack-jobs.

But what about the rest of us?  What about the growing power and population of the Orthodox movement?

You'll hear more about us after Obama loses in November.  Because the Democrats will need to blame someone for their defeat (as it is never their governing positions).  Who better than...those disloyal, money-grubbing, deceitful, ungrateful Jews?

Leaked image of "The American Jew", as portrayed by the Democrats circa January 2013...

Bet on it.  And watch whose side Lynn Gottlieb will be on...

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