Monday, November 16, 2009

Lou Dobbs, Senator (D-NJ)?

Did Lou jumped, or was he pushed, and now that's he's off the crooked ship CNN, what's next?

Maybe taking on his philosophical antipode, New Jersey's senator Bob Menendez (D-La Raza)? reports on the speculation that's running rampant:

It did not take long for political observers to start speculating on former Cable TV personality
Lou Dobbs' future after he quit his CNN gig. He is already being portrayed as the obvious choice to oppose the re-election of U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-Hoboken, in 2012.

Dobbs is a New Jersey resident who has some definite get-tough immigration policy views, which some reports say is, among other things, what caused the rift between himself and the more liberal members of CNN. Menendez is seen as a champion of immigrants having been born to Cuban immigrant parents in New York.

While Dobbs is considered an independent, it is not hard to see the Garden State Republicans making him a candidate for Senate. Menendez has even taken the first shot, calling Dobb's exit from CNN "addition by subtraction."

Menendez (D-Illegal Immigrants) is famous in New Jersey for his
moral and financial support of La Raza (literally translated as "The Race"), a radical group of Hispanic nationalists that have openly declared their desire to fight for their ethnic supremacy (with your tax dollars, provided by Menendez). Think Dodd might have something to say to the people of New Jersey about that?

Menedez has also advocated heavily for illegal immigrants, despite the fact that his home state is drowning in a sea of red ink (and
blood, and more blood) due to a government that cares more for the well-being of illegals than its taxpaying citizens. Not to mention the fact that Menendez has been willing to hold up Democratic legislation over Cuba policy; which is not a bad thing, but a strange thing for Menendez to stick his neck out on, when the residents of New Jersey are in need of so much more.

And it's not as if Menendez is anywhere near popular; polling over the summer shows him
suffering with all groups; unable to get over 50% with blacks and over 40% with Hispanics:

Overall Hispanic White Black Other
Approve 29% 30% 26% 46% 22%
Disapprove 40% 35% 45% 15% 38%
Not Sure 31% 35% 29% 38% 41%

Liberal orthodoxy aside, I'm surprised that Menendez cannot see that even his Hispanic constituents realize that his policies are hurting them more than helping them, as the legal immigrants are forced to pay, via Menendez's taxes, for the health and welfare of those who cheated the system.

Again - Menendez is the polar opposite of Dobbs, and with the electorate in a "throw the bums out" mode (especially in Jersey), a free-markets, secure-borders libertarian may be exactly what New Jersey is looking for, and with independents holding sway now in the state, this may be Dobbs best chance to win an election.

Lord, it wouldn't be easy. Shoot, the New Jersey media painted Chris Christie, a corruption-busting prosecutor, as less Harvey Dent and more Two-Face. Imagine what they will do with Dobbs.

But Dobbs, thanks to CNN's ideological purge, now has a cool $8 million in the bank. And that can buy him time, and breathing room, and the ability to get his message out over the media din.

Run, Lou, run. If nothing else - it would sure be fun!

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Publius said...

He jumped before being pushed. Reportedly he walked away from nine million dollars for the last two years on his contract. Nothing to sneeze at. Even for the most principled idealists.

He's not an idealist though. He's a realist.

I agree with you. "Run, Lou, Run". This guy is almost the embodiment of the tea party movement. Just like Obama's hero, Abraham Lincoln, was the father of the Republican party which filled the void left behind by the no longer relevant Whigs, Lou could be the father of a new party.

The two party system sucks. NY-23 proved that our pols care more about preserving the two party system than representing the people that vote for them. The repub (scuzzifatso) actually endorsed the dem rather than the conservative. Even though she was pretending to represent a conservative district.

If Lou runs, I'm volunteering!