Monday, November 09, 2009

A Nation, Hijacked

So it turns out that perhaps that smooth-talking, cool, hip centrist Barack Obama really was the hardcore extremist that those nutters on the Right made him out to be. Together with his sidekick, the manically grinning Nancy Pelosi, they have hijacked the ship of state and are sailing us into dangerous seas - perhaps that of the European welfare state, but perhaps somewhere even further off to the left.

And the 270 million passengers, most of whom are screaming to get out? No chance, as the captain and crew are locked up on the bridge, sailing the ship where they wish it to go, willingly deaf to the pleas and suffering of those on the decks below. Their pain is not reason enough to give pause to the crew in their quest to take this ship somewhere entirely different than where the passengers had believed they were going...

It's not as if they care about unemployment:

...the administration is spinning dismal economic reports into positive news, allowing both it and Congress to ignore the economy while they pursue their ideological ends.....while the economy tops every list of public concerns, job creation is not the hot topic in Washington.
In fact, Democratic leaders, obsessed with reworking America, have proved more than willing to sacrifice precious jobs during the worst economic climate in a half-century.

Democrats are revealing that putting the country back to work is a lesser priority than passing their social agenda.

It's not as if they really care about the medical treatment being received by the nation's citizens; what they really care about is obtaining ownership over the health care system that distributes the treatment, and if it means enslaving a whole social class and generation to the government, well - that's a perk, not a bug:

The bill is instead a breathtaking display of illiberal ambition, intended to make the middle class more dependent on government through the umbilical cord of "universal health care." It creates a vast new entitlement, financed by European levels of taxation on business and individuals. The 20% corner of Medicare open to private competition is slashed, while fiscally strapped states are saddled with new Medicaid burdens....

And it looks as if our captain has a new idea of whom our "friends" are, what values we should hold dear, and which nations we should associate with....most of our passengers would have loved to show up at today's 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Especially since we sacrificed more blood and treasure than anyone else to make sure it fell, and to guarantee the spread of freedom across a continent that had previously had so little.

But the ship of state has veered away, as the passenger's values are not shared by the president. No, he is aligning us up with new compadres, and we'd better learn to like them:

President Obama chose not to go to Berlin for a reason. Once again, he is signaling that his administration is in the process of turning its back on our erstwhile allies in Europe. He has thus far persistently made it his practice to embrace our enemies and to stiff our friends. We should not for a moment underestimate the significance of this. It means that he believes our policy in the Cold War wrong-headed, and it means that he intends to line us up now with the likes of Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, Fidel Castro, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

What have we learned about America's new captain and Congress? Same link:

In foreign affairs, however, presidents have a relatively free hand, and this president has ample time to do damage to a country that, there is reason to suspect, he deeply hates.

A captain (and crew) who hate their passengers will do little or nothing to provide for their health, financial well-being, or their safety. Filled with loathing and contempt for those who voted him their leader, the captain is now free to indulge in his ideological crapulence, smirking at the fear and wailing of those now-unwilling fellow travellers stuck on deck.

This is a very, very dangerous time for the passengers on the good ship America. Our captain has revealed himself as something quite different than how he was portrayed (both by himself and admiring sycophants ), and along with a loyal and quite suicidal crew, is fulfilling his long-held fantasy of piloting the ship onto the shoals; determined that it will either survive his way, or perish with all hands aboard...


Anonymous said...

Ironically, I tweeted about how CPSIA is hijacking small biz only an hour ago - your post caught my attn. for that reason. The hijacking analogy is very a propos - well said and I'll add you to my blog roll.

As a nation, I believe there is no doubt that we WILL be called to decide - either by our own timing or by the timeline of those now in positions of authority we have given them, over our own fate.

As passengers, we know, deep in our GUT, that this is true - the moment will either be of our choosing or of theirs.

When will people realize they are being called to choose - to defend our Constitution and the principles of our founding fathers or to permit ourselves and our children to forcibly accept another fate based on a different set of principles / ideals, as determined by those seeking control over every aspect of our lives?

Time will certainly tell... but time does race into our children's future...all the while, their debt soars...unemployment grows...the GREAT DEAF EAR remains turned in our direction...and we WATCH, as our moments grow into one another so closely that, undeniably, our choices tighten in scope and dwindle by the day...

My father used to warn - desperate times call for desperate measures. Are we going to allow time for desperation to grow?

We are not slugs and plankton - we are HUMAN BEINGS with rich resources of mind, body and spirit.

We are the KEEPERS of tomorrow.

Every American (right, left, center) does well to remember that we have the right to choose NOT to be hapless victims on a progressive joy ride to our CHILDREN'S nation's demise.

We are CITIZENS, not subjects.

For now, it appears citizens continue to be mis-judged and underestimated by those who seek socialism for our future. At the same time, citizens also appear to be procrastinating in their response to the call to action - in effect, playing Russian roulette with their children's future...anxiously hanging onto hope...hoping that the chamber is empty...

Yet, hope is not a plan.

Hope is the only "tool" for children and victims to wield in their defense - for those who are apendages and subjects, not fully grown into their rights and responsibilities in life. A child cannot choose to be an adult - but an adult can choose whether or not to be a victim.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds as the future for our children and for America.

Anonymous said...

The soapbox and the ballot box appear to have failed. The jury box is compromised because of judicial activism. That only leaves one box.

And mine is brim full.

78W x15