Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Churlish Corzine Projects Purile Rage Towards Mom

In the "now I know why I had such visceral dislike for this douchebag" file, we have Jon Corzine, who, during his concession speech last night, snarked a bit about his mom:

In making his concession speech, Democratic governor Jon Corzine was consoling his followers when he said, “My mother is probably the only one that’s happy tonight. She’s a Republican. She’s 93 years old so, we’re not going to worry too much about that.”

The line got a big laugh.

Michelle Malkin interpeted it as Corzine...

...dismissing her politics as a function of her age (she is 93). So, he insults fat people on the campaign trail and old people while making his concession address.

Stephanie Gutmann saw it thusly:

...the Corzine remark mirrors a callousness, a coarse attitude about the “dispensability” of the aged, that one sees in the debate over health-care reform.

Me, I saw it as a sudden show of a repressed rage, a moment of frustration unleashed, where he lashed out at his opponent through someone he knew was safe: his own mother.

Regardless - what an asshole.

Jeez, how much of that stench around here was caused by that douchebag, anyway?

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