Sunday, November 01, 2009

Media Parrots Democratic Talking Points On NY-23

...I mean, you would think that the AP's Valerie Baumen was a party hack herself, the way she poses - and answers - the following question in the affirmative:

N.Y. race raises question: Are moderates welcome in GOP?

In a Republican Party struggling to find its identity, the surprise withdrawal of the chosen GOP candidate for a New York congressional race — forced by a rising conservative upstart — renews a lingering national debate: Are moderates welcome in today's Grand Old Party?

The question became even more relevant Sunday when the ex-candidate, state Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava, threw her support behind the Democrat in the race rather than the Conservative Party candidate favored by fellow Republicans.

But in New York's rural 23rd Congressional District, the message was clear early: Scozzafava was too moderate; some even used the dreaded "L" word — liberal.

During the campaign she failed to connect with voters, party officials or, perhaps most important, campaign donors, largely because of her support for abortion rights, same-sex marriage and union rights.

No, Valerie - Scozzafava was not "too moderate", she was too liberal - yes, the "L" word - and if any further proof was needed as to this women's political orientation, her endorsement of Democrat Owens should nicely fulfill it. It doesn'tmake the question of the Re publican's party's inclusiveness "more relevant", it makes the question irrelevant completely.

Two parties exist to offer different ideas, Valerie, and although you might want to see Obama's "opponents" to be Obama-lite, there is quite the case for full-throated opposition to be made. And it wasn't made by the Republican party, it was made by the voters of NY-23, who have - yes, of their own free will - decided to support a more conservative candidate. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, Val - but that's what good opposition is supposed to do.

The media, in lockstep with the Democratic party, keeps up the drumbeat that anything less than mild opposition to the Obama agenda is "radical" and "extremist" (words that could easily be applied to the Obama agenda). Apparently, the Republican leadership in New York agreed, and thus offered up Scozzafava to the voters of the 23rd as what they now felt a 2009 nominee should sound like.

The voters, curse their souls, dared to choose otherwise. And it looks like Val and the rest of the Left might actually have to deal with some tough opponents on the road ahead, and not just Obama -lites. Thus the unloading of the arsenal, both from the Democrats and the media, against Hoffman and the conservative population of upstate New York.

Like Sarah Palin, Hoffman is dangerous, and must be taken out. Can the good people of NY-23 hold firm to their principles and elect him amid the maelstrom rains upon them?

I can only wish them luck....

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Publius said...

The same people who curse the blue dogs for not rubber stamping health care reform. They talk the talk on "room" and "tolerance" but they certainly do not practice it.

And in the end the biggest laugh was that according to WSJ Scozzafava came out and endorsed the democrat in the race on Sunday.

Ha! take that AP! Looks like the voters were right. She did not want to represent their views!