Saturday, November 21, 2009

MSNBC Beats Up Little Girl, Sneers About it Later

Liberals are always such tough guys...Obama, for instance, squeezes Honduras and screws Poland and Czechoslovakia, but kowtows to Russia and Iran. MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell, for instance, goes to a Sarah Palin book signing and starts beating up on a teenage girl:

The young lady recounts the entire experience
on her blog; it's worth reading. A excerpt:

In one day I met a role model, and met the liberal media and their crafty schemes. I fell prey to liberal bias, but I’d like to think I did an okay job. We always want do-overs, and I can assure you if I had a do-over with Miss O’Donnell you’d see a much more prepared (well rested) and ready to go at it side of this 17 year old. But unlike Norah I didnt have my note cards with me. I was forced to think on the spot and answer a gotcha question. Her goal was clear, make this teenager look like an uneducated Palin supporting buffoon. To liberals, and the 5 people who watch MSNBC she succeeded. To conservatives, she was the only buffoon during that interview.

And for the umpteenth time...I am having more and more trouble understanding why any women, regardless of race or economic class, would vote Democratic. When they are not trying to eliminate your ability to get crucial medical testing, they are
emotionally gang-raping you should you dare stray off the liberal reservation.

Don't believe me? Look at a remark on Whore-a O'Donnell's Twitter feed -directed at our teenage friend - once she realized the spit had hit the fan:

hey didn't u go to fetch me some coffee? RT @mariamenounos @NorahODonnell so many little time.haha

We can all only hope that Whore-a soon will have plenty of time to sit around and dispense hate at teenage girls via Twitter, and nowhere else. Lady, if you had any shame, you'd be feeling it now...

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