Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Democratic-Funded Daggett Robo-Calls Continue !

Amazing - even after being busted for finanacing the faltering campaign of New Jersey independent Chris Daggett - and then lying about it - the state's Democratic party decided, "Ah, what the f*ck...it's not as if Eric Holder is gonna drag us away in handcuffs! " From Politicker NJ:

Controversial robocalls made by the Democratic State Committee that criticize Republican Christopher Christie and seek votes for independent Christopher Daggett continue to be made today. Democrats had initially denied they were responsible, but admitted last night that they were behind them.

Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris Twp.) said he received one at his home within the last hour.
"I just got one of those pro-Daggett calls from the DSC," said Carroll. "I can only conclude that they are so ashamed of their own candidate that they cannot bring themselves to advocate for him directly."

The Christie campaign says that they have received reports of the calls being received by Republicans in other counties, including Union and Essex.

Down and dirty, folks - down and dirty....

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