Friday, November 06, 2009

Pelosi's Health Care Death March

Jeez, Nancy, why the rush to vote on a massive health care nationalization bill this Saturday? I mean, Mr. Obama promised us "the most transparent administration ever", so why would you be debating and voting on a $1 trillion+ bill on a Saturday, when few will be home to watch it or protest?

And what about that promise to post the bill online for 72 hours before allowing it to be voted on? Oh yeah, that:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD that the speaker will not allow the final language of the health care to be posted online for 72 hours before bringing the bill to a vote on the House floor, despite her September 24 statement that she was "absolutely" committed to doing so.

On September 24, Speaker Nancy Pelosi told THE WEEKLY STANDARD:

TWS: Madam Speaker, do you support the measure to put the final House bill online for 72 hours before it's voted on at the very end?
PELOSI: Absolutely. Without question. she afraid of what will happen when her troops leave for a Veteran's Day recess, and they face their constituents - you know, the people they are paid to -and sworn to - represent? Or is she afraid that the results of this week's election will seep in past her frantic spin, and her soldiers will realize that voters threw out not only Democratic public officials, but pulled the lever against the very type of government that Pelosi is about them to vote for?

Or maybe San Fran Nan is afraid the polls will get worse? Worse than this poll?

Forty-nine percent oppose the health care reform proposals in Congress compared to 39 percent who favor them, a negative turn since the beginning of October...

Nancy is leading her men off a cliff, on a Bataan Death March that most will not survive. Some Democrats are realizing this and are getting nervous, hence Nancy's attempt to force the vote this weekend. Why? Destroying more jobs cannot wait until Monday?

Nancy has declared she doesn't care about losing seats on this issue. That's obvious. She may not care much - or believe - that she will lose her majority status over her radical health care agenda. That seems likely as well.
Because so much of this is about Nancy. She wants to say she socialized medicine in America, so she will have the ultimate liberal feather in her cap, and that when she travels overseas or in her rarefied elite circles, she will not have to put up with the coastal highbrows and foreign intelligentsia chastising her over her nation's "medieval" approach to medicine.

It's not about the voters. It's not about her caucus. It's not about what is best for a nation. And lord, it's not about doing anything to remedy the 10.2% unemployment rate.

It is about Nancy. And for the sake of her own vanity, she is willing to lead an entire party - and a nation - off a cliff.

We do not wish this lying,vain, ignorant woman well, even if she does help destroy the Democratic party. For it appears she may take all of us down with her on her quest for glory...

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