Monday, November 02, 2009

Obama: "Fixing" New Jersey for Jon Corzine?

This story in the Wall Street Journal leads me to believe so...even the Hispanic community is getting into a bit of an uproar:

Victor Negron, a campaign adviser for independent mayoral candidate Roberto Feliz, a former director of Camden's public works department, says he's shocked that more than fifteen times the normal number of voters are casting absentee ballots in Camden this year. In the 2005, when the city's voters voted for both governor and mayor on the same day, only 200 absentee ballots were cast. This year, some 3,700 have already been received. At least four voters have approached the Feliz campaign to complain that an absentee ballot was sent to them without their permission or cast for them without their understanding the documents they were signing.

I spoke with Uremia Rojas who reports that "a man with a clipboard knocked on my door and had me sign something so I could vote by mail. I was skeptical but signed and got a ballot. I never really wanted one." Says Mr. Negron: "We believe this to be underhanded and a possibly illegal strategy by the Democratic Party to undermine the civil rights of the residents of Camden."

The Obama connection is here:

...Acorn's longtime allies, the Service Employee International Union and New York's Working Families Party, have both moved into New Jersey. Peter Colavito, Acorn's former political director in New York and a board member of the Working Families Party, is now the political director of SEIU Local 32BJ, which is heavily involved in New Jersey's election. Nationally, the SEIU is a political powerhouse with White House visitor's logs showing that Andrew Stern, its national head, visited 22 times in the first six months of the Obama White House -- more than any other person. "Andrew Stern practically lives at the White House," notes

So what do we have?

-unions are the biggest supporters of Jon Corzine; and why not? He has given them the keys to the treasury and the registration to the statehouse
-Andrew Stern, union bigwig, is Barack Obama's #1 confidante
-A loss is critical to both of them - Stern loses power, influence and due$ if Christie gets elected, Obama loses face if a state with a 600,000 Democrat registration advantage goes Republican.
-Obama sends his campaign people out to Jersey to take over the Corzine effort
-Corzine is tied, at best, going into the home stretch
-Obama orders Stern to send in ACORN

Could New Jersey become Obama's Watergate, as a frustrated population, angered at a stolen election, follows the trail back to White House?

Well, lots of folks have compared Obama to Nixon lately; in terms of "enemies lists", unrestrained egotism,and lust for power....ironic should they meet a similar fate....

Barack Obama - you should've stay out of Jersey...

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Anonymous said...

It takes someone in full wraparound to invent conclusions like yours before taking care to fit some twisted, prefabricated logic around it at a more convenient, warp-ready time.