Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Jersey Unions To Get Out The Vote By All Means Necessary...

"We call it knock and drag," said Jim Williams, general president and director of organizing of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, with about 3,500 members in New Jersey. "We knock on the door and drag 'em out to vote."

...Labor union workers, many who said they were unemployed because there were "no jobs," showed up at rallies in places like Bayonne in Hudson County to pick up packets with home addresses of members mapped out and campaign literature to distribute.

I guess it's OK for unions to use violent imagery in their boasts about how they intend to get the vote out for their benefactor, Jon Corzine, because, well... they're Democrats, and the rules of decency and good behavior do not apply. Imagine if a Republican-oriented group were to use such a phrase; Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd would soil their panties on the spot.

Although the idea of unemployed thugs roaming the streets with names and addresses of citizens is not one that should endear many to their cause...unless, of course, a democracy based on reasoned discourse and honest elections is not your goal....

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Publius said...

This is so right on! If you are a democrat or a union thug, then intimidation and in your face politics is a badge of honor. However, if you even say the word 'tea party' then you are a domestic terrorist.


During debate, and during town hall's one must be like a town mouse, or the violence [sniff][sniff] becomes too reminiscent of horrors done by other democrats in San Francisco (Pelosi talking about Harvey Milk).

But on election day? Whoa ho baby! Grab the clubs and dig up the claymores! No holds barred!