Sunday, November 29, 2009

Climate Change Data? Disappeared! Like a Liberal's Brain...

I'm sure it's only because it was so accurate and clear-cut, that the climate-change crew at the U of East Anglia threw out all of their base data...after all, who needs to re-check "settled science"?

SCIENTISTS at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.

It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years.

The UEA’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) was forced to reveal the loss following requests for the data under Freedom of Information legislation.

....Roger Pielke, professor of environmental studies at Colorado University, discovered data had been lost when he asked for original records. “The CRU is basically saying, ‘Trust us’. So much for settling questions and resolving debates with science,” he said.

But it's not about science, it's about the Left's entire world crashing down around them...
The Anchoress:

Let me tell you why the press is blacking out the Climategate story....In a nutshell, Climategate is a destroyer of world-views...

The left went that far. The press went that far. T hey embraced this unsettled science, this unproven theory, with a fervor of moral righteousness; to dispute AGW was to be a bad and stupid person, even if were a dissenting scientist.

If the true-believers of AGW got this wrong, and they’d attached it to all of their politics, all of their hate, all of their superiority, then everything is in a free-fall.

And this is why the mainstream media cannot possibly report on Climategate until they have an acceptable counter-narrative that they can haul out in order to either debunk the story or soften its edges, even as they break the news...

Funny to see our self-appointed intellectual elite staring blankly into a world where the key tenet of their faith (in themselves, and their own superiority to the common man) has been upended.

What happens to a member of a cult when the leader is frog-marched off to the hoosegow, admitting it was all a scam to sleep with a variety of gullible women? Can the cultist overcome the extreme emotional investment they have made in a fraudulent movement, or do they take the easy way, and continue to keep the faith?

It will be interesting to see how the liberal intelligentsia will respond; so far it seems as if Barack Obama, for starters, is in need of some serious deprogramming, as well as the rest of the Democratic party. The media, too, is stuck on stupid, or perhaps knows all to well what it risks by admitting their whole line of thought, as well as their vicious attacks on "deniers", were completely baseless.

But another thing can happen when a group's entire basis of being is yanked out from under them: They can, in their new moral void, turn violent, and compensate with an even more authoritarian outlook. "You won't mock my beliefs now that I hold life and death power over you..."

So let's have some fun, but let's make sure the truth comes out, and the haters are exposed. But let's be vigilant as well....

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Publius said...

If the climate isn't warming, will I still be able to get into heaven?