Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Barack Obama: Behold Narcissus !

So we have the most recent issue of GQ, the one that proclaims Barack Obama not to be simply "The Man of the Year" - no, that does quite encompass his greatness, now does it? He needs to be named...

...yes, "leader of the year", whatever the hell that means. Not sure what the editors were thinking here; were they overcome with their manlove for The One, or did they quite understandably believe they were now living in a third-world banana republic, where survival is based upon one's ability to fawn over the commandant...

(Why not pick Mark Sanchez, for instance?)

Me? I'd find this embarrassing, but then again, I would be embarrassed if the Nobel Committee awarded me the equivalent of a lifetime achievement award after only six months on the job.

Well, that Nobel didn't bother Obama one bit - word is he can't wait to get it on his trophy shelf - and it should be no surprise that this GQ cover didn't bother him either. Behold Narcissus:

Yup, that's The One all right, hopping into a 10 MPG vehicle, clutching tightly onto the new issue of GQ, with his visage staring right back at him.

An echo chamber? Obama prefers a room of mirrors, where all around him is his own sainted image, certified as such by his hand-fed media. How can he be wrong, when everyone says he is so right?

No wonder the guy hates FOX News. They're a crack in the mirror, one that distorts his image in a way that is unrecognizable to his conscious. But rather than examine the image, he chooses to polish the mirrors, and shut out those who would reflect him in a less-than-perfect light.

Unrelenting narcissism? Check. Limitless egotism? Check. An inability to see one's imperfections? Check. A complete lack of desire to absorb criticism? Check.

Is it any surprise he is uninterested in the rising domestic opposition to his policies? After all, how can he be wrong? Jesus, just look at the cover of GQ! He's the leader of the year! Bow, and get out of thy way!

A dangerous type of person to be leading America? Check....

Hat tip: I Hate The Media!


CrazyDaisy in Jersey said...

I almost lost my lunch after seeing his face on GQ.

Someone needs to tell the stores to put those things behind the register covered with brown paper like all the other inappropriate items.

The JerseyNut said...