Monday, November 02, 2009

Soccer Moms Getting ObamaCare Preview...

...and they do not like what they see. And if I recollect, they were once a pretty influential, if unofficial, voting bloc.

And here they come....from Alexandria, Virginia:

As I drove up to George Washington Middle School and caught site of the 1,000-plus people waiting in line for the H1N1 vaccine, I was filled with only two thoughts. “There is no way I am getting in that line” and “Is this how it is going to be for my daughter’s three-year-old check up under Obamacare?” Looking at the mass of parents and children, I suddenly wanted to go renew my driver’s license to lower my blood pressure.

If America's mom's start turning against ObamaCare, it won't be a matter of simply the legislation being dead in the water. A woman scorned is bad enough, but a women who feels that someone has put her children in jeopardy? Is there any wrath known to man that is greater, either in the human realm or the animal kingdom (ever accidentally get too close to Mother Goose's nest? I can still feel the bites...). Our moms will be relentless (Terminator-style) in hunting down those who put their families in danger so that they may feel political triumph.

There will be no place for Pelosi and Reid to hide in 2010...

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