Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Civil War That Isn't, or: Upstate New York is Not Baghdad !

Was it NBC News, that, the bad days of the Iraqi war, decided to use the phrase "civil war" to describe the fighting between the jihadis and the still-birthing Republic of Iraq? Whoever coined the phrase, it was picked up by the entire mainstream media, and by Democrats in Congress who were doing everything they could to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

George W. Bush ignored the noise, and won the war. Turned out there was no civil war after all, just some foreign-armed death-loving animals that slaughtered women and children to sow terror and fear in the hopes they could force America out of Iraq and slip inside the power vacuum, and thus create another Taliban-style Islamic state.

And it would have happened, if we had listened to Barack Obama, NBC, and the New York Times...

And speaking of the Old Grey Whore - she's brought back the "civil war" meme again to discredit an undertaking she doesn't approve of - in this case, the resurgence of the Republican Party

Republicans emerged from Tuesday’s elections energized by victories in Virginia and New Jersey, but their leaders immediately began maneuvering to avoid a prolonged battle with conservative activists over what the party stands for and how to regain power.

Yet throughout the day Wednesday, Republicans grappled with the disappointing outcome of a special election for what had been a reliably Republican House seat in upstate New York. That contest became a battleground between the party establishment and a conservative insurgency demanding more ideological purity from candidates.

Just look at those buzzwords: "battleground", "insurgency", "ideological purity", "prolonged battle"! Are we in Upstate New York, or in Baghdad?

Best mocking of this wishful thinking can be found here:

Just keep one thing in mind when you read these stories from the biased liberal media:

The same people who said Iraq was in the middle of a civil war last year are saying the Republican Party is in the middle of a civil war this year. In Las Vegas, this is what’s known as doubling down when you’re holding six...

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