Monday, November 09, 2009

How Two Presidents Spent Their Weekend

When the heat gets hot, Barack Obama's default position is to trot out his predecessor, George W. Bush, as both a blame-blanket, punching bag, and metric for comparison (as in, "ain't I so much better than that guy? Give it up!!")

Well, we'll play Barack's game today. Let's see what the president did this weekend, a few days after a massacre at Ft. Hood perpetrated by a radical Islamist who infiltrated the Army in full sight of his comrades and superiors:

President Obama’s Saturday Schedule
11:25AM THE PRESIDENT addresses the House Democratic Caucus - Cannon House Office Building
2:30PM THE PRESIDENT makes a statement to the press on Health Care - Rose Garden
2:45PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart The White House en route Camp David - South Lawn

Two crassly political maneuvers, then a chopper ride with the wife to the airport, so that they may start their vacation in style.

Let's look at how ex-president George W. Bush spent this weekend:

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, visited wounded soldiers and their families near the site of the worst mass shooting on an Army post in the United States.
The Bushes made their private visit to Fort Hood’s Darnall Army Medical Center on Friday night. Bush spokesman David Sherzer said in an e-mail that the couple thanked Fort Hood’s military leaders and hospital staff for the “amazing care they are providing

Well, as Balidlocks puts it, at least a commander-in-chief bereaved the wounded and comforted the grieving after a terrorist attach on the soldiers of Fort Hood. Would be nice if their current Commander would perform his duties in the same exemplary manner, but that would involve him, you know...actually caring about the fate of American soldiers. The fact he's left our Afghanistan contingent twisting in the wind (and ducking bombs and bullets) while he tends to socializing the nation's health-care infrastructure, leads one to believe that he has very little interest in the military aspect of his job description, despite the fact that millions are depending on him, both inside America and out.

Can't wait until the moment comes, when, after busting out the name of George W. Bush as a preamble to an excuse for one or another of his own miserable failings, the crowd bursts into applause as opposed to the expected catcalls.

That's the change I'm hoping for.


MikeGSP said...

I hadn't thought about this. If Bush continued to push an agenda in the midst of such a tragedy, libs would have berated him and screamed to postpone the vote.

Anonymous said...

God bless George and Laura Bush.

I didn't agree with them on everything, but they always had some class. Oboingo and his Klingon? Not a scrap. Hell, they couldn't buy a clue's worth if you gave them their weight in platinum.

78W x15