Friday, November 27, 2009

"It’s the Totalitarianism, Stupid"

OK, so I stole my post title from Power Line, but it happens to fit two different but intersecting liberal priorities....

John Hinderaker ties the title into the
load of liberal bullsh*t known as 'health care reform":

I don't believe that Democrats in Congress actually disagree with the majority of voters who expect a government takeover of medicine to result in worse health care at a higher cost. Rather, the Democrats believe that degraded health care is an acceptable price to pay for what they are really after--government domination over the life of every citizen. Whether the American people understand how profound is the Democrats' assault on their liberties, and will be willing to do what it takes to throw the greedy rascals out of power, remains to be seen.
And we can easily apply the title theme to the climate change scam as well; especially as the ones who stand
to reap the most benefit from emissions trade-offs are the same ones ignoring the purloined emails, sticking their fingers in their ears, and shrieking "The science is settled! The science is settled!"

The most important take home lesson is that global frauding was the clear and conscious work of a political machine aiming to steal your money, your liberties, and your country. It was a massive, worldwide attempt at a coup d’etat, and the victims were going to include all the free and prosperous peoples of the world. Hitler had his Reichstag fire. Today’s transnational left had its global warming fraud. The political goal was exactly the same: maximum power through maximum fear.

New York Post offers a similar theory:

For, make no mistake: The whole point of the exercise is to transfer a trillion bucks from the economies of the world's developed nations to Third World kleptocrats -- with God-only-knows how much cash sticking to the fingers of well-connected UN bureaucrats.

And thus the intersection I made note of earlier...two things that seem unrelated - climate legislation and health care legislation - both serve the same bottom-line purpose: To give more and more control of citizen's private lives, and their incomes, to the government, who will then have the legal power to confiscate both.

And here's the media, unwittingly making my point, as they desperately tie these two liberal horrors together to allow each to make a case for the other...after
a story claiming that citizen sacrifice in the name of climate change would result in only "a gradual evolution,", and then admitting that "The idea is to gently direct us in another direction so it isn't a big dramatic shift", we get to the intersection of doom:

"Relying on fossil fuels leads to unhealthy lifestyles, increasing our chances for getting sick and in some cases takes years from our lives," U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said. "As greenhouse gas emissions go down, so do deaths from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. This is not a small effect." if the government is providing health care, then the government must then reduce your carbon footprint, because it could, in theory, save the government some cash! So remember, when you lose your right to drive an SUV, when you are forced to sit in the dark for hours due to rolling blackouts, when gas shoots up past $5- an hour, when you can't afford to heat your's all in the name of "universal" health coverage!

Liberal fascism, indeed....

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