Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Jersey Turnout Report: Old Bridge, 6:45 AM

...active for 6:45 AM; perhaps equal to or greater than the presidential turnout I saw last year. Except there were no African-American voters visible (I didn't look under the curtains).

Now, to be clear, when I mean "active", I mean that I had to wait on line behind two people, as opposed to walking right into the booth. Most booths had about the same level of action. This, based on past voting experience, does in fact qualify as "active"...

Funny side note: Had to push the button almost six times on a local freeholder slate to get it to light up next to the Republican candidate. The Chris Christie button worked fine, though....for now...

I'll be updating here all day (as work permits) on the New Jersey races, and on NY-23. Those Virginia races look, thankfully, to be a lock.

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