Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Obama: Aiding and Abetting Fraud in New Jersey

No surprise, being that Obama and Holder allowed the Black Panthers to intimidate Republican voters with truncheons last November:

...the Justice Department is going to have federal observers and Civil Rights Division staff in New Jersey, New York, and elsewhere to monitor the voting. I have already heard from numerous sources that these observers will not be reporting instances of voter fraud, nor will they be reporting instances of unrequested “assistance” being provided. So we cannot count on the Justice Department or any of its observers to stop the kind of fraud or intimidation that may occur in New York or New Jersey.

Corzine would rather rule a fail state than live in a democracy as a citizen. Obama, hell-bent on power, would rather corrupt democracy in the United States than allow an ally to face a well-deserved loss.

And you don't think Corzine's thugs know that they face no repecussions?

The streets of Newark are crawling with people in SEIU purple shirts. They are near polling places, placing campaign lit on cars, and all the kind of stuff. Big labor is heavily invested in a Corzine win and Corzine is dependent upon them for his GOTV so it is not surprising to us that they are out there, just that it took them this long....


PolitickerNJ reports that Newark's North Ward and the South Ward are each reporting about 4,000 votes. They quote Rep. Donald Payne, a local Democrat, as saying it should be enough for a "narrow victory."

In other words, a Corzine loss narrow enough that they can cheat their way to victory.

Unbelievable. Never thought it could happen here....

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evilmomlady2003 said...

Attempted Union intimidation is happening all over the U.S. St. Louis is the home of it (Ken Gladney and more recently a post by sharpelbows.blogspot.com shows unprovoked violence by the left as late as last weekend). The key is that you don't back down! They may get a cheap shot in, but they will have to work hard for it, I won't lay down.