Sunday, November 01, 2009

Corzine: Lying About The NYT, and Toll Roads

Well, this one blew up, as we predicted, and Corzine is backing away from the New York Times story in which they claimed Corzine was contemplating re-looking at his unpopular plan to sell various New Jersey toll roads.

No, no, Corzine whined...they got me all wrong! I didn't want to sell the roads, just the advertising on them! Yeah! That's it!

Turns out that his claim make little sense, and even less money:

There is no serious extra money in rest stops or land along the New Jersey Turnpike. Rest stops are already contracted as concessions having been auctioned to the highest bidder.

Accusing the New York Times of misreporting him is a classic case of shooting the messenger. They appear to have reported him quite accurately. However what he had said suddenly became a political liability, so he needed to "unsay" it by denouncing their quite accurate reporting.

Well, Jon's now got some other options to feed his spending addiction...

Meanwhile, the Asbury Park-Press mock Corzine and his lies:

Back in November 2007, Corzine said he was so committed to his plan to monetize the state's toll roads that he was willing to stake his job on it. Voters should hold him to that by casting their ballots for Chris Christie on Tuesday

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