Friday, October 30, 2009

Corzine Panics; Denies Toll/Tax Increases

....after getting busted musing about reviving his universally-loathed plan to sell the Turnpike and other state assets, Crooked Jon now denies everything:

The New York Times reported Friday that Corzine would consider reviving an unpopular plan to lease the New Jersey Turnpike to raise money for the cash-strapped Garden State.

Corzine now says that was a mischaracterization of his position.

He says what he meant is that he may generate revenue by allowing advertising on some Turnpike properties, like rest stops.

Yeah, OK., riiiight. If you believe this line of shite from the man who broke every "no-tax" pledge he ever made, well, then I've got a boatload of leftover Hope and Change, with a side of Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility, to sell to you....

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