Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama's Nobel Accomplishments... deliniated by Jennifer Rubin:

Well, it’s not like he hasn’t done anything, right? He’s introduced a new era of hostility in U.S.-Israeli relations. He’s been rebuffed by all the parties in the region and been forced to retreat on his innovative gambit (i.e., alienating Israel and fanning Palestinian rejectionism over the folly of a freeze on every bubba’s apartment in East Jerusalem.). He concealed a secret Iranian nuclear site and spent a year kowtowing to the Great Leader, helping a brutal regime establish its legitimacy. He backed a raving anti-Semite and lunatic in Honduras, bringing that country to the brink of war. And of course on Afghanistan he’s done what the international community loves most of all — dither.

But his finest accomplishment, as Charles Krauthammer brilliantly details here, has been to humble America and usher in a new era of American un-exceptionalism and decline.

Now that’s something for these people to celebrate!

Well, what does the Nobel committee love more than an anti-American? An anti-Semite, of course. And with Barack Obama they got two for the price of one. How could they resist?

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