Thursday, October 29, 2009

Left-Wing Hatred Shows Us Hoffman Is For Real !

...because this is the kind of bile the nutroots don't waste on RHINOs...courtesy of the Huffington Post, we hear from Chris Kelly, a writer for "Real Time with Bill Maher" (and if that doesn't give you a clue as to the ugliness that's coming), who gives his foam-spitting tirade the title of:

Doug Hoffman Wins an Olympic Gold Medal, Gets Reagan Elected and F***s a Rat

Seriously. Anyway:

Doug Hoffman is running for Congress on the nonentity ticket. A millionaire accountant who's not even eligible to vote in the district he seeks to serve, Doug has never previously held nor sought elected office. He has no public record of, well, anything. He seems to own cars -- that comes up a lot in his campaign literature -- and I guess that says something. He was in the Army Reserves in the seventies, just like Dan Quayle, but it's unclear if he ever served in an area east of Lake George. He has a full raft of Christian prejudices, but if he's a practicing member of any church, it hasn't come out.

It's not just that he doesn't have a record. He doesn't have dental records....

And I'm skipping his whole explanation of "rat f**king", which he seems to enjoy dwelling on...regardless, I don't see how having no political experience is an liability in the year of the Tea Party (not the rat, sorry, Doug, but if they do decide to name the year in honor of Obama...). And most Americans enjoy owning cars - except urban-dwelling white elites - and the Dan Qualye reference is humerous, especailly when trying to tie him to an upstate NY congressman.

And those Christian prejudices? Kelly doesn't list them, so they likely don't exist. But it continues to illuminate how deep the liberal hatred is of American Christians; they feel the accusation is enough and will be accepted on face falue, because, well, everyone knows it's true.

Well, everyone in the echo chamber, I guess.

The bottom line is - we only see this nonsense and high-pitch mud-slinging when the Left feels deep fear. Like an animal, they bare their teeth, drool and bite anywhere they can extend their necks (or feeble brains) to.

Leads me to believe Hoffman is for real, and that he can win. Animals don't waste their energy fighting non-threatening objects.

More evidence from MoveOn...I can almost smell the soiled diapers...

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Publius said...

I truly believe democrats will come out and and vote for Scozzafav. They would relish having another Olympia Snow Republican more than another one of their own. It gives them the opportunity to appear "Bi-partisan"