Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trippi Frets Over Ignoble Nobel...

Joe Trippi, a Democratic strategist, said that if the job market remained sour, he expected to see the Nobel medallion featured prominently in GOP attack ads with such lines as: "He got a Nobel Prize. What did you get? A pink slip.""

Either the economy is going, and this won't matter, or this will be another tool in the Republicans' arsenal to accuse the president of not doing enough," Trippi said.

"Maybe if he won the Nobel Prize for economic recovery and created hundreds of thousands of new jobs, this would be a good thing for him politically," Trippi said.

Maybe. And maybe fireworks will shoot out of my ass.

Maybe I'm wrong, though. Remember, this is the same crew that gave the hapless Paul Krugman ("Congress needs to undo the sins of February, and approve another big round of aid to state governments. We don’t have to call it a stimulus...") a Nobel prize for economics...and if it's all about intent and not about results, maybe two stimuli with a combined price of close to $2 trillion will be enough to award Obama that second prize - say, right as he's running for re-election.

Let's see if Baracky, as he preens before the crowd while accepting his $1 million cash prize, remembers who his ultimate judges are...

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