Friday, October 23, 2009

Crooked Corzine's Corrupt Cash Choking Campaign?

Another corruption conviction, another tie to the dirty ducats that embattled governor Jon Corzine is spreading across New Jersey, the way a cheap whore spreads an STD:

...a jury found Joe Ferriero, former chairman of the Bergen County Democratic Organization, guilty of one count of conspiracy to defraud and two counts of mail fraud.

Guess how much money Jon Corzine and his family gave to Ferriero over the years?
(Dollar by dollar breakdown

Corzine, of course, plays dumb, just like Ferriero did in his trial - the Star-Ledger:

Ferriero wasn't aware that his partner in Government Grants Consulting, Bergenfield borough attorney Dennis Oury, was lobbying for the company with Bergenfield without disclosing his connection with the company.

Don't look for a lot of information of the Corzine/Ferriero connection in the notoriously liberal Star-Ledger; you need to get to the 12th paragraph out of 16 to hear him described as a "Corzine ally", the 14th paragraph attributes the "$400,000" cash "donations" as something "said" by Chris Christie, rather than as fact. Of course, Christie should know, since as U.S. Attorney he brought the case against Ferriero.

By tomorrow, I expect Corzine to purchase another $1 million in airtime claiming that Christie is overstepping his authority, and that he's a fat bastard to boot. By Sunday the Jersey/Philly media will be questioning whether this was a politically motivated prosecution, despite the guilty finding and the fact the case began over two years ago.

Some truth out there, :

JOSEPH FERRIERO was once the most powerful political player in Bergen County. Now, he’s just another felon....

His conviction is a stunning victory for former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, who made corruption busting his signature issue. He had an unblemished record as U.S. attorney, and while he was not prosecuting this case, Ferriero was snagged under his watch. Whether Christie is successful in his challenge against Democratic Governor Corzine, he won big Thursday.

Can the citizens of New Jersey still re-elect Corzine? It would be like Gotham voting for The Joker over a (pre-disfigurement) Harvey Dent....

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