Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Canadian Health Care System - As Told By Canadians

As we work to turn our health care system into a model that duplicates Canada, why don't we take a moment to listen to what Canadians have to say about their ability to receive adequate health care:

"If the U.S. changes their health care system, where are Canadians like us going to go for surgery?"

"It's proven again and again that this does not work..."

"I truly believe I have no say here..."

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Anonymous said...

Your blog has been irresponsible by not telling the truth about Chris Christie wanting to get rid of mandates forcing insurance companies to cover mammograms. The truth is, “mandate free” is getting rid of mandates. The truth is, the legislation requiring that insurance companies cover mammograms was first passed unanimously with support from both Democrats and Republicans. Republican State Senator Henry McNamara of Bergen sponsored the 1991 bill. Chris Christie’s plan would give power to the insurance companies to say no to mammogram exams which would help save lives.

So come clean - either admit that you are just like Chris Christie and carrying water for the insurance industry or tell the truth and tell your readers that mandates for covering mammograms have always received UNANIMOUS support from Republicans in the legislature.