Monday, October 12, 2009

Redistributing Health Care Costs...

....from those who lead the most active, healthy lifestyles to those who lead the most unhealthy, uninsured lifestyles. The New York Post:

Health-care "reform," that is, aims to shift costs and benefits of health insurance from some groups to others. And the losers are turning out to be less docile than politicians had hoped.
All the leading proposals involve massive redistribution from people with healthy lifestyles to those who take more risks.

As the Congressional Budget Office explained, "Premiums in the new insurance exchanges would tend to be higher than the average premiums in the current-law individual market . . . because the new policies would have to cover pre-existing medical conditions and could not deny coverage to people with high expected costs for health care."

So where's the incentive to stay healthy? Might as well stock up on bacon and cheese, because some poor sucker who jogs two miles a day to stay in shape is gonna pay for your bypass anyway!

And if you have employer-provider insurance? Don't worry, you're boned as well:

There would also be redistribution from people with employer-paid insurance (particularly in risky jobs with high premiums) to those who would be induced to shun such benefits in order to qualify for taxpayer subsidies.

Why opt in to your employer's plan if the government's can wind up being a tad cheaper for you come April 15th? And why should your employer offer benefits at all, if they can save money by dumping you onto the government plan?

Did you mock Joe the Plumber when he cried foul on Obama's attempt to "spread" his wealth? Bet you didn't realize then that just having health insurance made you "wealthy", and now you're gonna have to pay more for less. But don't complain, you selfish, unpatriotic bastard!

Sure, everyone loves socialism - until they're told that they are the rich that need to be soaked...

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Anonymous said...

Wait until people see that they've also redistributed they're time in the waiting room to illegal immigrants, the unemployable, and other drains on society.