Sunday, October 11, 2009

Better Buy A New Dead-Bolt Lock - It's Census Time!

Although the Census Bureau has had second thoughts about having ACORN run the census - due more in fact to the muckraking of two twenty-something shock journalists than any smarts of their own - even a partial list of groups that will be partnering with the government on the Census project is enough to send chills down a man's spine:

American Federation of Government Employees
American Federation of Teachers
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
Community Action Partnership
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Labor Council for the Latin American Advancement
League of Women Voters of the United States
National Black Justice Coalition
National Council of La Raza
National Education Association
Pride at Work
Rainbow Push Coalition
Service Employees International Union
Southern Coalition for Social Justice
United Workers

The AFL-CIO, the Rainbow Coalition, La Raza, the Teamsters, and especially the SEIU are all groups that can accurately be labeled as "thugs", based on the range of activity they've been involved in since Obama started his campaign. The rest of these organizations can primarily be labeled as "intellectual terrorists" - groups that hold radical ideas and are willing to destroy you personally and professionally, in public, should you dare buck their program.

Seems like Obama is trying to terrorize Americans into telling him what he wants to know. Or short of that, he's counting on this hateful partisan alliance to twist the information in a way that will provide a permanent Democratic majority for a generation.

It's gonna be a wacky 2010....

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