Thursday, October 08, 2009

Barack Obama: The Prom King

From the very funny I Hate The Media, we get a story about ABC's Claire Shipman, and her thoughts about the American people (right wing nuts) and Barack Obama (sigh...). From her blog:

It would have been great had he come home (from Copenhagen) a winner,” Shipman wrote. “Great for all of us. But maybe not so much for him. Why? Because then he would have then really irked his critics.”

“[Obama’s critics] already secretly and not so secretly peeved that he’s been voted the world’s prom king. Another victory would have just started a wave of dangerous, uncontrollable seething.”

So Shipman sees the world as "us" - meaning, I suppose, the mainstream media and the entertainment industry - and "them", meaning everyone else in the United States who does not toe to their line. Who are also apparently dangerous and uncontrollable. And who suffer

.... ballooning and poisonous envy....

And we are supposed to trust this woman's news judgement?

More on this whore of the Democratic party - here she is
trying to create racial animosity about Barack Obama where none exists. Over here Shipman lies to the American people as she calls Rahm Emanuel as "centrist." And here's a classic from 2002, where she morally equates a young Israeli girl slaughtered by terrorists (on her way to buyt groceries) with her murder.

And that's not the end of Shipman's rabid hatred of all things conservative, or even moderate. Click here to see her getting
Arnuhld quite pissed off over firefighting resources.

But wait - there's more! Click here to see her claiming that Judge Sotomayer is
not a liberal, but a "centrist" (again). And here we see her weeping over the 10th anniversary of the death of JFK Jr., but casually forgetting many other key anniversaries that are not as politically convenient for liberals....

Coming from the network that gave Barack Obama an hour of primetime airtime to pitch his nationalization of health care, it is not surprising that one of their top journalists has a fervent hatred of the rest of America, and that she continues to be given major exposure by ABC.

The only question remaining is...who will take ABC seriously anymore? You think about that, while Claire fantasizes about f*cking the prom king....

Spongebob Squarepants as "the prom king" in the episode "The Chaperone"

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