Thursday, October 08, 2009

AP Furiously Pimps For ObamaCare

This bullsh*t started yesterday, when the AP declared:

The fever has broken. The patient is out of intensive care. But if you're President Barack Obama, you can't stop pacing the waiting room. Health care overhaul is still in guarded condition.
The latest Associated Press-GfK poll has found that opposition to Obama's health care remake dropped dramatically in just a matter of weeks.

The public is split 40-40 on supporting or opposing the health care legislation, the poll found. An even split is welcome news for Democrats, a sharp improvement from September, when 49 percent of Americans said they opposed the congressional proposals and just 34 percent supported them.

A 40-40-20 split is celebrated as a "dramatic" turn in opinion? In other words, at least 60% of all Americans are either still opposed or not sure, and the AP decides this poll is worth celebrating? Not suprising, of course, is that AP polls apparently swing the most favorably to Obama and his agenda; not unlike those New York Times polls last year that found Obama defeating McCain by 17 points... [SEE POLL UPDATE BELOW]

And did you know Obama's supporters really are the "silent majority", unlike those pesky tens of thousands of people who showed up this summer to protest his policies? So the AP claims:

Obama supporters have been mobilizing across the country as well, tapping into the unprecedented network his presidential campaign built last year.

And their proof?

At a coffee shop outside Columbus, Ohio, recently, about 20 pro-Obama volunteers phoned through long lists of local Democratic voters, asking them to press members of Congress to support the president's plan.

20 volunteers! Wow! That's like, 1/100th of the angry people usually left outside of a filled-up town hall meeting.

Now how about some baldfaced lies? The AP has that too:

...people have been drawn to the tea party protests largely organized by FreedomWorks, founded by former GOP House Leader Dick Armey.

Utterly, completely, false. But the truth - that the massive grassroots of the right have risen unbidden by any nefarious political figure - would make false the article's claims of an Obama "majority".

One more curious statement:

"We realized that we need to have Obama's back," said Peter Kovarik, an adjunct biology professor at Columbus State University and OFA volunteer who said his job didn't provide health insurance.

Really? A progressive university not providing health care? Seems like a bit of a stretch, even for an adjunct professor. The AP didn't bother to check, though - can't have the facts interfere with the storyline!

Amazingly, it doesn't end here...they applaud the $829 billion cost of this bill over ten years (and what about twenty? no info on that, but Michelle has some ideas about the real cost) as they claim that Democrats can"breathe a sigh of relief" as they will be able to get away with looting the future...

What's in it for the AP? A bailout? Or just the opportunity for its reporters and editors to save face the next time they are being lambasted by Eurotrash at a big-city cocktail party for living in such a cruel, hidebound nation?

It's nothing more than propoganda for the president and his party. Will the Senate Republicans see this media onslaught and take it as a genuine expression of opinion shift, rather than media astroturf? Rumor has it they are getting wobbly already...

Should they vote to nationalize healthcare as well, and complete the "back of the hand" that Congress has given to the cries of the American people, it is likely you will never see a Republican majority again, either. They will go the way of the Whigs, and the Left will rule unrivaled, until that long-discussed but never-materialized third-party comes upon Washington with a vengence....

UPDATE: And how about those polls?

QUINNIPIAC POLL: Americans oppose ObamaCare 47-40.
PEW POLL: 47% Oppose ObamaCare, 34% Favor.

Wonder why the AP didn't mention these polls? Didn't fit the storyline? Now that's good news reporting!

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