Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Difference Between Barack Obama and God

What - you thought they were one and the same, some type of holy duopoly? The abuse comes from France, no less, in the form of a "top ten" list - Letterman, eat your (heart) out:

10) God asks for just 10% of your money.
9) God only asks to be worshipped once a week.
You can't pray to God in a public school.
7) God's plan to save mankind is actually written down for people to read.
6) God doesn't use a teleprompter.
God would never pick Joe Biden for anything.
4) When you meet God, the last thing you notice is His ears.
3) God doesn't
fake Spanish.
2)God doesn't need $787B to create 4 million jobs.
1) The Lord giveth. Mr. Obama taketh away.

Via the fabulous French blog E-Nough!, who informs us of the one thing they do have in common - no birth certificate...

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Conservative Libertine said...

At least he doesn't think he's Bono..........yet.