Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Obama Presents...The Backdoor Death Panel

Those pesky senior citizens, sucking up such a large majority of the nation's health care resources when they're just gonna die soon anyway! We need them to start dying sooner rather than later in order to make socialized medicine work!

Well, looks like Obama and the Democrats have figured out a way to do that. Just eliminate the treatments and the doctors that the elderly need the most! Then they can't blame any "death panels" for their untimely demise, it'll just be a "resource shortage" caused by those greedy doctors...yeah, that's the ticket....

Alas - I am serious:

From Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus’s health-care bill to changes the Administration is pushing in Medicare, Democrats are systematically attacking specific medical fields like cardiology and oncology. With almost no scrutiny, they’re trying to engineer a “cheaper” system so that government can afford to buy health care for all—even if the price is fewer and less innovative ways of extending and improving lives. [...]

The 2010 rules, which will be finalized next month, visit an 11% overall cut on cardiology and 19% on radiation oncology. They’re targets only because of cost: Two-thirds of morbidity or mortality among Medicare patients owes to cancer or heart disease.

Again - eliminate the seniors by eliminating their medical care. Folks, there is a death panel right now - it's called Congress, and the panel is being run by Max Baucus. They are deciding right now who will live and who will die - writing their own book of life, if you will - over the next twenty years.

And Barack Obama is out there, pimping his death panel to the American people as just a group of concerned lawmakers trying to help reform the system. Right. But what the presidential pimp is selling you, and what you'll eventually get, will be something different entirely. It's like the way a call-girl service will advertise slim exotic beauties, but deliver an aged, pock-marked whore....not that I would know anything about that, of course....

The Onion has Obama's number:

"Once again, let me be perfectly clear," Obama continued. "Seniors, rest easy knowing that I will never, under any circumstance, sign a bill that doesn't give you the option of being murdered by my administration in a manner of your choosing. I promise you that."

Obama also accused his opponents of using scare tactics to score political points, manipulating seniors' fears with misinformation about their upcoming state-mandated deaths.

"Folks' concerns over my plan are all based on bogus claims that we intend to set up death panels to kill off senior citizens," Obama said. "Well, that is preposterous. A death panel is only one of many ways we can exterminate the elderly. Under my plan, they can be beaten or poisoned to death. They can be murdered by the Marines or the Air National Guard. They can die fast or they can die slow. They can even be drowned in their own bathtubs."

Following the speech, White House sources said they expected full party support for the proposal. However, some far-left-leaning Democrats have openly criticized the president for backing down from his initial policy of death panels, arguing that a system offering multiple execution options completely undermines their ideal of a single, universal senior-killing policy.

"The president has watered down a perfectly reasonable plan in hopes of placating the opposition," Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) said...

The Republican reaction was even more sternly worded.

"Seniors!" House minority leader John Boehner (R-OH) said. "Run for your lives!

That about nails it....wonder if CNN will be fact-checking The Onion now as well....

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Anonymous said...

Death panels are already in place you moron, they are used by every single health care provider to determing the cost of giving you care when you apply. If you have health issues they won't accept you. Everyone knows this and everyone knows that the Republicans support this too, after all the health care industry has provided millions to the repubicans to fight obamacare. It's standard practice for the party of hate, aka, the republican party.