Saturday, October 31, 2009

Key Corzine Staffer Arrested For Drug Possession/Dealing!

[updates at bottom - 8:27 pm]

So now we know how Jon Corzine's been funding his campaign:

An official with New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine's re-election campaign was arrested last night after cops found found ecstasy tablets wrapped and ready to be sold in his car, police said.

Officers wound up finding 19 "blue star" ecstasy tablets in Shih's car, each wrapped in its own little plastic bag.
Shih -- who was stopped within 100 feet of Becton Regional High School -- also had "several hundred" empty plastic bags in his car, Conforti said.

Shih told police he worked for Corzine's campaign, and had several campaign-related items in his car, police said. A "Jason Shih" is listed online as a deputy assistant director of the campaign.

Shih was charged with possession of drugs, possession of drugs in a school zone, intent to distribute drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also charged with two motor vehicle violations -- driving while using a cell phone and having drugs in his car.

Well, this will get the crackhead vote out for Corzine, I reckon...but if you still had questions about the governor's judgement, the fact that his deputy ass't campaign director was dealing "X" in a school zone after hours tells you everything you need to know.

Between this ugly incident and his remarks about selling off the Turnpike right after he gets re-elected, one has to wonder if Corzine isn't completely (willingly?) self-destructing here at the end of the game...

UPDATE: JWF has more on how this story is being scrubbed from various websites (including the link above); but beyond a standard denial of knowledge by the Corzine campaign, there is no indication that Shih is lying about his Corzine connection. As a matter of fact, we can see he was working for the New Jersey Democratic party as recently as 2006, which certainly lends credence to his story. still has the story up, for now.

If Shih's story is false, I'd like to hear it from someone other than the Corzine flaks, who are not quite famous for their honesty. If the media reported the story incorrectly and has evidence to that fact, they should report that as well.

Unless, of course, we are witnessing some high tech bullying from the Obama folks who have been running the Corzine campaign for some time now...don't put it past them to try to silence this potentially Corzine-killing story with all the weapons and intimidation at their disposal...

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Miranda said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I hope this is the info New Jersey needs to elect the best governor! (I realize it's not funny that the guy was selling drugs, but it is funny that he works for Corzine!)