Friday, October 30, 2009

Only Four Days To Jersey's Liberation?

Yeah, so we've heard about Corzine's late "surge" that is supposed to push him over the top on election day, as a few polls that came out earlier this week showed him with a small lead. But guess what? I think The Beard has peaked a bit early; because as voters go to the polls on Tuesday, they'll be a few things bouncing around their heads:

-Corzine's comment to the New York Times about reviving a project that most New Jersey residents were virulently opposed to - leasing the New Jersey Turnpike to raise cash - could turn out to be a major gaffe. Christie, while campaigning in Hamilton Township, exploited it nicely by telling the assembled townfolk they might face the prospect of tolls being imposed on interstates 195 and 295, both of which serve the town. It also reminds Jersey voters of the imperial "I'll do what I want" attitude of Corzine, as well as his general disdain of the electorate's wishes.

-Yeah, Corzine's been bringing Obama to town. Big deal. You can see that assclown on TV any time you flip it on. Christie's got Rudy Giuliani around this weekend, and he's that rare Republican that New Jerseyans - especially independents - like and respect, not just for his 9/11 moment, but for the way he rebuilt NYC from the ashes of liberal ruin.

-Will Pelosi's release of the 2,000-page health care bill be a "poison pill" for Jon Corzine? The planned government takeover of America's health-care sector costs over $1 trillion dollars, including $700 billion in new taxes and $420 billion in Medicare cuts. With this Halloween horror show coming down the 'Pike, will voters pause before flipping the switch next to Corzine, who has refused to rule out raising state taxes further in his second term?

Christie has got to - got to - hammer home the additional tax burden (and toll burden!) that faces New Jersey residents over the next four years of Obama/Corzine. They say people vote with their wallets; Christie needs to point out whose fingerprints are going to be all over them until 2013.

The news cycle has given the Christie campaign a late break. Let's hope - for all our sake's - he uses it to maximum advantage...

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