Thursday, October 15, 2009

Honduras Defeats Obama, Hillary... the rest of America's enemies (not that Honduras fits in that category - at least pre-Obama) gear up to...well, gear up to do whatever the f*ck they want, since there's nobody home.

Gateway Pundit reports:

The initial reports that Manuel Zelaya would be reinstated as president were not accurate.The latest speculation comes from my sources inside the Micheletti government.

President Micheletti will step down and may be moved to a position connected to the Honduran Supreme Court.

Former President Manuel Zelaya will be exiled to Spain. If he comes back to Honduras he will be charged for his many crimes discovered by the current government after Zelaya was ousted for circumventing the Honduran Constitution. Another official will step in as president until elections in November...

This is a defeat for Obama, plain and simple, as he tried to force a wanna-be leftist strongman (in other words, an Obama ally) back into power, attempting to overrule both the legal system and proud people of this tiny nation.

So why should Iran even think about halting their nuclear arms program to repay Obama's "outreach"? Why would Russia even consider jeopardizing their business relationships in Tehran (no wonder they treat Hillary as a buffoon)? Why should Israel even dream of granting any of the insane concessions that Obama is demanding from them before he "delivers" peace?

He has proven himself worthless and weak, both in strength and moral character. Demanding the return of a thug, indeed. The Hondurans gave him the middle finger, as well they should.

Don't think the Taliban, and al-Qaeda, haven't taken note as well....

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