Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Jew-Shootin' Time in L.A. (again) !

From the land of progressive liberalism, we get - besides abject bankruptcy both fiscal and moral - some good old-fashioned Jew-hunting!

Well, with "The Man" in the White House, what do you expect?

Los Angeles police have detained a man near the North Hollywood synagogue where two people were shot in the legs.

Lt. John Romero says two people were pulling into the synagogue's parking garage shortly before 6:30 a.m. to attend services when they were confronted by a man who shot them with a handgun.

The attack occurred 10 miles away from a 1999 shooting at a Jewish community center where white supremacist
Buford Furrow wounded three children, a teenager and an adult. He later killed a letter carrier.

Wait until all of America is like LA - $4- gasoline, crippling taxes and regulations, environmental Nazism, and....well, racial Nazism as well, I suppose...

Welcome to Obama's America, where the "progressives" can finally take off their masks and be free to be themselves...

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