Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Complete Schedule of Heath Care Reform Deliberations on C-SPAN

With a bill guaranteed to cost almost a trillion dollars over the next decade, and tax the living sh*t out of the middle class, there's obviously great interest in the health care reform deliberations going forward. So you can plan accordingly, we are please to provide you with the schedule of health care reform deliberations on C-SPAN, as promised by Barack Obama:

But... Obama promised every session would be broadcast live on C-SPAN so the American public could be completely informed.

What could Barack Obama have to hide? Oh, yeah, that tax hike thingy mentioned above....can't have that getting too much play! "Transparency"? Who told you that, FOX News?

Well, that's change, to be sure. And in case you forgot the promise, well, we have that for you too:

The Republican opposition plan, weak as it may be, is actually the best hope - and shows what the president is afraid of, mainly, the truth about Obamacare:

Senate Republicans figure the only way to stop or reshape the measure is to give the public enough time to figure out what’s in it and what they don’t like about it.
Doing that is going to take some time, and the process of amending bills during a floor debate — which can include demanding a 60-vote threshold for all amendments — could provide the minority ample opportunity to slow things down.

I guess if we want to stay informed, we have no choice but to watch FOX...

Big hat tip to I Hate The Media !

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