Saturday, October 10, 2009

BBC: Climate Change Skeptics?

If so, that would make them worse than Hitler, as we have been told over and over again by the liberal commentariat. And yet...

This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.
But it is true. For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures.

And our climate models did not forecast it, even though man-made carbon dioxide, the gas thought to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued to rise.

So what on Earth is going on?

It's all "bollocks", as you folks on the far side of the pond would say. Perhaps, though, someone ought to clue in Nobel Laureate and World President Barack Obama, before he completely eliminates the production-side of the US economy with carbon taxes more likely to destroy jobs than save the environment....

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