Friday, November 06, 2009

New Jersey Democrat Bails on ObamaCare...

....who said the New Jersey election didn't have national implications? Oh yeah, Pelosi, Axlerod, and Gibbs. Apparently, the three of them don't equal one idiot:

The decisions of the final holdouts on the House health bill are beginning to come in. Rep. John Adler, a New Jersey Democrat, said today he's voting no. He criticized the bill's $1 trillion-plus price tag over 10 years, and said it doesn't do enough to control health costs.Adler's state, of course, was the scene of a big Republican win this week when Chris Christie defeated incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine in the New Jersey gubernatorial race.

Seeking his first term in Congress last year, Adler squeaked to victory with 52% of the vote, and he's one of the many Democratic freshmen who's vulnerable to a Republican challenge in 2010.

The seat had long been held by GOP Rep. Jim Saxton who retired last year.

Adler, unlike the trio of dunces mentioned above, can do the math:

Adler's congressional district includes parts of Burlington County, Ocean County, and Cherry Hill in Camden County.

Republican Chris Christie won Burlington County Tuesday night by two percent after Corzine won it by five percentage points four years ago; Christie won 66 percent of the vote in Ocean County.

I'll be surprised if Nancy can get 218 "hands up" by tomorrow...

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