Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Senator Jon Corzine (D-NJ)?

New Jersey Democrats are just like "Pig-Pen" of Peanuts fame: No matter how much you wash them, they just get dirtier and dirtier....

You would think, after a shocking electoral spanking in a state where they own a 600,000+ registered voter advantage, Jersey Dems would take a step back, reflect on their losses, and try to figure out a way to re-connect with the voters.

As Steve Martin famously said: "Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Instead, they are using what little gas they have left in the tank to attempt to bamboozle the citizens of New Jersey one last time:

In what could become the highest profile game of political musical chairs in the state, Democratic sources claim they are considering replacing U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg with outgoing Gov. Jon Corzine.

It would work like this: Corzine would resign prior to January, when Republican Christopher Christie takes over as governor. A Corzine resignation would allow state Sen. President Richard Codey to serve as acting governor. Then Lautenberg would retire from the U.S. Senate, leaving Codey to name Corzine to fill the seat until a special election.

This is similar to a move made when Corzine resigned the senate to become governor, when he named then Rep. Bob Menendez to fill his own seat.

The move would prevent Christie from being able to name a replacement for the aging Lautenberg and would give Corzine a leg up as a senate incumbent in the special election next November.

Seems as if New Jersey Democrats are more than a bit fearful of the wrath of the folks they claim to represent. So to help alleviate that condition, they are prepared to...thwart the people's newly elected governor and appoint as Senator a politician who was - all of five minutes ago - roundly rejected by the voters.

I think New Jersey (and national) Democrats still are misleading themselves about the results of November's election. New Jersey voters not only rejected Corzine, but his entire left-wing economic/social philosophy, one shared and championed by Barack Obama. Why they would put the same man in the Senate as a representative of these people is unfathomable.

Can I get a new phrase added to the political lexicon, please? Submitted for your approval:

"Dumb as a New Jersey Democrat"


Anonymous said...

I love living in Jersey.

Former NYer waiting for the end of time.


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Always America First said...

Brother, Dumb is not a strong enough word for those people.