Saturday, April 11, 2009

Corzine's"Amnesty State" Kills Another Jersey Girl

Jon Corzine is proud to make New Jersey the home for the largest group of illegal immigrants north of the Texas border - shoot, he just finished hearing from a blue-ribbon panel he created, recommending driver's licenses and in-state tuition costs for illegals. All on the law-abiding taxpayer's dime, of course.

And no, he hasn't been deterred by the slaughter of a group of college bound kids in the Newark Massacre - actully, if you go to the link, he determined the blame for killings of these kids by a gang of illegals is "about a failure of us to be inclusive and holistically look to bring everyone into our society."

So you know the death of this girl bothers Corzine and the Democrats not a whit:

Two Camden men have been charged in connection with an Evesham car crash that killed a DeMasi Middle School teacher on Wednesday.

Jose Luis Galindo-Sanchez, 26, is accused of driving the pickup truck that struck a vehicle driven by Amy Voorhees, 27, of Evesham, the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office said Thursday. His brother, Lucio Garcia-Sanchez, 19, was a passenger in the truck, according to the office.
Both men, originally from Mexico, are illegal immigrants and live on the 900 block of 19th Street in Camden, authorities said.

"Everyone loved her," district Superintendent Pat Lucas said of Voorhees. She called her a favorite teacher who had a positive outlook and was "always looking out after the children's best interests."

Rest in peace, Amy.

And remember, New Jerseyans: whenever you feel your rage rise at Governor Corzine and the state Democrats for creating a situation which allows illegal immigration to flourish, and results in horrific incidents like these - that this is not Corzine's fault.

It's yours.

Because - according to Corzine - Amy's death has nothing to do with the fact he opened the gates of the state to illegals, but instead, it's "your failure to be inclusive and holistically look to bring everyone into our society" that killed Amy Voorhees....

Hat tip: Enviornmental Republican

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