Friday, April 17, 2009

North Korean Rocket Launch: Is Obama Lying To Us?

Yes, we know, Obama taught the deeply psychotic nation of North Korea a firm lesson when he got the UN to issue a mild rebuke to their recent launch of a ballistic missle. Such a firm lesson that North Korea in return re-started all their idled nuclear reactors, withdrew from six-party talks, threw all UN inspectors out of the country , and made passionate love to Michelle Obama (OK, I made up that last part. Yuk.)

But is Obama - knowing there is only so long he can keep this diplomatic Epic Fail from going nuclear (ha!) - also witholding the truth about how far this rocket actually traveled?

U.S. aviation and space science website Spaceflight Now on Sunday said the rocket temporarily left the atmosphere and flew up to 800 km further in the direction of Hawaii.

Based on analysis of radar data and data from the U.S. Air Force's missile warning satellite, the website said the rocket actually flew 3,846 km, rather than the 3,058 km the U.S. and Japan had estimated.

A little warning to Baracky from his friends in North Korea - sending a little firecracker to splash down harmlessly (this time) near his home town?

So the rocket launch may be a larger success than advertised, and Obama's Korean diplomacy may be a bigger failure than anyone has admitted (or will ever admit). Will we find out the truth about where the missle actually landed, and how much danger American-flagged territory is being exposed to?

Probabaly not. It might cause pressure on Barack Obama to actually do something, and that's not his forte. Better to lie to the American people, and let them think they're safe, than admit that diplomacy - and personality - has its limitations....

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